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2 model diabetic complication

2 model diabetic complication,Diabetic it is the common disease that causes by heredity and environmental element interaction, clinical it is main mark with tall blood sugar, common symptom has many drink, much make water, much feed and angular etc. Diabetic can bring those who have body much system to damage, cause insulin absolutely or inadequacy of photograph bisect secrete and target organization cell are right insulin sensitivity is reduced, cause a series of metabolization such as protein, adipose, water and electrolyte to be asked for integratedly mussily. Blood sugar lifts significantly can appear diabetic ketosis sick at heart is toxic, high ooze sex is insensible wait for acute complication, long disease still can cause blood-vessel and nerve pathological change, cause the much viscera organization such as heart, head, kidney, eye, nerve, skin to damage thereby, affect life quality of the patient, bring about life to decrease even short, should prevent actively and treat. , diabetic not just healthy to the mankind meeting causes very great harm, and still can cause a lot of complication, if the patient cannot get seasonable cure, these complication cause very great harm likely still to the patient’s life, 2 model a problem that the mankind before the complication of diabetic symptom also makes item pays close attention to quite: 2 model diabetic complication.

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